This is just the beginning of our fight

What is it that Conservatives want????

And when do we want it???

This is a good question to ask and also answer since we are in the Primary season around the country. I thought this would be a good time to post this with the IL Primaries tomorrow and in other states.

First what do Conservatives want??  This is not as hard as one might think.  Even with a divide amongst many Conservatives, we mainly want our Government to follow the Constitution.    Go back to being the Limited Government that our Founding Fathers wanted.   NO more bailouts, special deals with Unions and to stop trying to pass Unconstitutional Bills such as Obamacare and Cap and Trade.

And When do we want this???  Well now, of course.  And the faster we get back to a Limited Government, the better.

This will not be easy.  Those that are in power are not going to relinquish their fiefdoms and control easily.  But with the Tea Parties and various other groups we are beginning to see some fight against the powers-to-be.

In Ohio, my friend Maggie Thurber has the story of the Local Tea Parties fighting the GOP establishment over their backing of less than Conservative Republicans.  Also we got the grass roots backing a Conservative in IL and he has been gaining steadily in the polls over the GOP establishment.  This is not just a fight against the Democrats as you can see.   This is a fight against the political class in DC.  This is happening all over the country and do not think that one person or a small group can effect an election.

Also as Michael Connelly posted, The Fight is just beginning.   Make no mistake, those in the ruling class are  not going to go out without a fight.  Just look at the SOTU Address by President Obama, he has no intention to listen to the people, and ignored the election of Scott Brown in Mass.

Hopefully  we can shake the system tomorrow and get some Conservative candidates that will get the attention of the elite in both parties.  As most polls show, we are a right-of-center nation.  We need candidates that can espouse the Conservative Message that everyone can understand.  This is also goes for local elections for school board and local government.

We have to get this country back on track or we will be so far in debt that we cannot dig ourselves out of it, if we are not there yet.

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