Slaying Leviathan

First off, I got this book free from the Publishing Company because am friends with Leslie ever since I met her at the Chicago Samsphere a few years ago. And also I will not get anything if anyone buys this book.

Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Ta Reform is a book that I think every American should read. It takes you on a journey throughout the history of the United States and taxes, from the beginning at the original Tea Party up until modern times. Even if you do not agree with everything she wrote, you will get something out if it.

The book is very well written and a very easy book to read, even with some of the more complicated subjects. She breaks it down into a way that anyone can understand.

The tax system that we have today is a far cry of what our Founding Fathers wanted and envisioned for this country. The basic structure of the Constitution is the antithesis to the complicated and far reaching encroachment of the Federal Government has become. The nature of the Constitution was based on the premise that the Federal Government was restricted to only keeping order and defense of our Great Country, not to be the nanny state is has become. Natural Law has been taken over by an overbearing government that has taken over the basic role of the family, with the tax structure and social programs that should never have been the Federal Government’s role.

Leslie lays out some the ways to Slay the Leviathan . all of them would be better than the complicated system we have now. But as with any tax scheme there are problems with all of them, but as I said anything is better than the Leviathan we have got now. The Tax system we have now punishes investment and entrepreneurs and promotes overspending and having children out of wedlock. The moral decay and stifling of economic growth and job creation has been promoted with the tax system we have now and will only lead us to our downfall. A Flat Tax, Sales Tax or some of the other alternatives would promote more economic growth and job creation along with not punishing savings and the role of the family.

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to get a idea of how we got to this point and some of the ways to get out of the mess that we are in. You can find it here or at Amazon