Out with 2009 and in with 2010

Since it is getting close to the end of the year and we are going to be having a very interesting year for elections, I thought I would do a review post about 2009 and a look at maybe what’s ahead for 2010. And bare with my ramblings, but I am going to do this off the cuff.

We started the year off in a funk, after the election of a Chicago Politician that most of us on the right tried to warn the voters about in 2008. But we failed to warn enough of the electorate about the policies that Obama would bring to the White House. But the MSM and elites in Washington assured us that Obama would be a moderate and change the way Washington works. Well, almost a year later, DC has changed, but a change for the worse. We survived the spending spree the Republicans gave this country after drinking the DC water that infects all politicians. But none of us could really see what kind of destruction Obama could do to our economy. We had ideas, but it was much worse than almost all of thought it could be.

It started off with Obama appointing various cabinet positions to people that could not figure out that they had to pay taxes like the rest of us, and the main one was going to be the head od the IRS. And it got worse as the year progressed. Now we have a Safe School Czar that promoted books involving sex between 1st graders to teenagers. All the while the MSM was getting the tingling up their legs because of the historical elections of a African American.

Next up for the downfall of our economy was the Porkulus Bill. Ah yes spending a $trillion was going to restart the economy. Umm, we are still wating for the jobs created or saved from the monstrosity of a give away to Democratic doners. Yes we might get some roads and nice airports out of this, but the private sector jobs still kept falling and more and more jobs were lost every month, but we all know that the economy is coming back with a vengeance. right???? Hardly. Jobs are still being lost and the housing market came back a little, but has flattened out. And we still do not know exactly when the Commercial Real Estate market is going to hit bottom.

And on foreign affairs, Obama has pretty much dissed every one of our allies and extended a hand to all our enemies. And went around bowing to despots and thugs all over the world while apologizing to every Tin Hat Dictator he saw and renegging on the Missile Defense Shield in Poland and giving DVDs to a man that does not watch movies because he has bad heating. And it is pretty bad when China scolds you about the spending we are doing and the French seem like a Warrior and the US seems like a poodle.

Geez I can go on and on about how we have elected a High School freshman class president that gives jobs to Communists and Socialists, and treats the defense of our country with disdain. You can look at almost any right minded blog and see how bad Obama has been doing.

But there was some glimmer of hope in 2009. We had the rising up of conservatives after the Far Left have taken over the Legislative and Executive Branches of the US Government, and much of the Judiciary. Many Conservatives and Libertarians that have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the ghost of Ronaldis Maximus to come back and save us all from the RINOs and Socialists that have infested the government for the past few decades. They are not silent anymore and have started to stir. The Tea Parties have awakened the Silent Majority into a swarm that has taken to the streets and townhalls.

At the Tea Party I attended, I saw people of all stripes and political persuasions. Yes, a majority were Conservatives, but now all. Libertarians, Conservatives and some from the Center Left joined together to stop the tyranny of the Federal Government

And this brings us to the New Year. 2010. It is a Mid Term Election year and could be a historic year. It could be a year where the coalition of Conservatives, Libertarians and a few Liberal converts can bring back some sanity in DC. The GOP could take back the House and and maybe the Senate. The Senate will be a bit of a stretch, but the House should change back to the GOP. (Unless the GOP screws it up, and I do not put that lightly). But if the GOP does take back the House or the Senate, we need to keep the fire under them and make sure they know that we are watching and that they do not make the same mistakes they did before. Make sure that they listen to us and not spend like drunken sailors.

So as we bid 2009 adieu, we can look at 2010 as a year where we take back the government from the DC elites and bring it back to WE The People’s government. This will not be an easy fight though. We will have to work hard and take back at the local levels also. Get involved with the Local GOP, local political groups and vote in the primaries.

originally posted at Stix Blog