Conservatives and the GOP

As a Conservative that thinks the GOP has lost its way, there is a good question going around on what we should do as a movement. Many of us in the Conservative Movement feel that the GOP has taken advantage of us and will not change their ways.  That the GOP thinks that we have no other place to go, so why do they need to listen to us and keep on doing business as usual.

I think the GOP has looked over what the whole point of what the Tea Parties, 912 Movement and many other Conservative groups mean.    We are not just against Democrats, we are against the out of control government and the bloated bureaucracy that it involves.  And that the GOP is not out of the cross hairs.

But does that mean we should leave the GOP and form our own party?   I do not think so.   What we need to do is get more involved in the GOP and make them hear us.  I think the election in NY 23 has showed that Conservatives can win.  For Doug Hoffman to come from where he was at in the polls, to loosing the election by a slim margin, is very telling .

But we are seeing the same kind of thought process in California, in the election against Barbara Boxer.  We have a Conservative that has been polling well and a Moderate Republican in the race.   Carly Fiorina* and Chuck DeVore are both in the race and as Aaron Gardner has pointed out there is a big difference in their policy stances.  Hopefully the GOP will not make the same mistake and get involved in the local politics and let the locals decide the race, unlike the money they put into the NY 23 race.

But that is not what this post is about.   This is about what we as Conservatives should do.   And there are various ideas on exactly that.   Some say we should form our own party, or as in the past vote for 3rd party candidates to show our disgust at the GOP’s wavering from Conservatism.   I think that these choices are wrong and destructive on what we want accomplished.

As my friend Eric Odom has said:

We have two options in 2010. One is very risky… the third party route. If we win, we gain much. But if we lose, we lose our country. And in turn, our liberty.

The second is far less risky, but involves the use of the GOP as a vessel for our movement.

I think that we have lost touch with what it is we all want.   We all agree that we want limited Government, less bloated bureaucracy and more personal freedom.   But we need to do that in the framework of what is there.   The GOP may have meandered off the path of Conservatism, but that does not mean that we can not help them find the path again.   We need to get involved in the local elections and state races.   Get involved in the local GOP party, local Conservative groups and local government in general as my friend Skye has done in Philadelphia.  Pennyslvania Conservative Council (PACC) helped get fiscal conservatives elected to School Boards, and on many local committees.

This upcoming elections will be one of the most historic in our lifetime.  Obama was elected and the Democrats and the far left have taken over our country.   We need to work together to change the direction of the out of control spending,  bloated bureaucracy and leftward turn that country has taken.

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