Last night was an interesting night for the Conservative Movement.   For the most part it was a good night, with some setbacks.   Last night the Conservatives won 2 out of 3 of the major elections the country was watching.   The only loss was in NY 23, when Bill Owens beat Doug Hoffman for the special election.  But overall the Conservatives did well in many local state elections, and state wide elections

Was this a repudiation of Obama???  Well I think is is yes and no.  Yes, inthe fact that many Independents  elected Conservatives because of the economy.   The policies that Obama has put forth have not taken us out of the Recession that he “inherited”.   If nothing else most of them made things worse.   So in some ways it was elections based on Obama’s presidency. But on the other hand there was much to say about local and state politics that affected the elections.   Corzine and the Democrats in New Jersey have been affected by the arrests of many Democrats in a state run on corruption.   Without these big time arrests would Christie have won???  That is hard to say.

There will be much debate over what really happened in NY 23.   Hoffman was a little known entity just a few weeks ago.  Before the Conservative bloggers and new media (73 Wire) arrived on the seen, Hoffman was running in 3rd place at 20%.   After all is said and done, he got around 46%, after much attention.   It goes to show that when Conservatives get their act together we can change election results.   Did we win??  Yes and no.   We lost the election but won the battle against the GOP establishment.

I do think that the GOP should be the “Big Tent” Party.   I do not think that we should kick out every Moderate republican, we need them in the whole scheme of things.  But as a whole the GOP needs to listen to the base instead of always thinking the Moderate candidate is the best way to go.   NY 23 is a Conservative district and Dede Scozzafava was not the person to pick.  She was a Liberal Moderate in a a Conservative district.   Bill Owens is more likely more Conservative than she is.

So overall I think this should be considered a win for the Conservative Movement.   We are not going to be able to win overnight these are baby steps in bringing some sanity back in government.  And hopefully the RNC will at least not take the Conservatives for granite anymore and start listening to us.

originally posted at Stix Blog