CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf on Medicare Advantage

I know this is Fun Friday, but this is too important to not post.  This will effect many lower income retirees and many middle class retirees.   My mom uses this through doctors here that formed a alliance that uses the Medicare Advantage recipients, but the alliance of doctors will not see people that use regular Medicare.   This will force many retirees and also doctors to use Medicare, and some doctors will just drop those that use the Medicare advantage now.   This is a terrible idea and will hurt many people, including my mom.   And this will not save enough for Obamacare in the first place and they will have to find other ways to cut costs, like the “Death Panels”  that will decide fro us what can and can not be used for the elderly.  The more this plan gets the light of day, the less peolple agree with it.  No wonder the Dewmocrats wanted to force this down our throats without any one seeing what was in the Bill and even reading it in the first place.

via Real Debate Wisconsin