A GOP Bill Worse than ObamaCare?

Never thought I would see this day, but a Republican has a worse Health Care Bill than Obamacare.  It must be snowing in Hell tonight. via Club For Growth

cfg Utah “Republican” Sen. Bob Bennett just threw President Obama a lifeline by pushing for his own version of a government-run health care bill. In many respects Bennett’s bill is worse than ObamaCare and costs six times more. He should stop. Now. And so should the other Republicans flirting with Bennett’s health care disaster. That’s why Club for Growth is now running a new TV ad on statewide television in Utah denouncing Bennett’s bill. You can see the ad by clicking here. We also wrote to 3,200 likely delegates to the next Utah Republican Convention (where they will choose the nominee for Bennett’s Senate seat next year) urging them to call on Senator Bennett to abandon his bill. You can read the letter by clicking here. (Please see the link below the ad.) That ought to get Bennett’s attention. And the attention of any other Republican senator who is thinking of giving this government-run health care gift to President Obama. Bennett’s bill would push you out of your current health insurance plan; has a job-killing tax hike as high as 25% of the cost of a basic health benefit; and would raise federal spending by $13 trillion each year over ten years! That’s six times more than Obama’s plan! In short, Senator Bennett’s bill is a health care nightmare, but would be a dream come true for Obama. We have to stop this bill dead in its tracks before the Democrats pick it up and claim they have a “bipartisan” way to pass government-run health care. Click here to help us expand our health care ad buys now by making your most generous contribution. Each spot on the Fox News Channel runs statewide during prime time and costs about $75 each. Buy one spot, buy two, or buy ten or more. Let’s make sure every concerned citizen in Utah knows about Bennett’s outrageous plan so they can tell him to stop. We have to do everything we can to stop any version of government-run health care from passing. Our country’s freedom and its financial future is a stake. So please click here to make your contribution today to help us run hard-hitting ads. Best Regards, Chris Chris Chocola President, Club for Growth 2001 L Street, NW, Ste 600 Washington, DC 20036 PH: 202-955-5500