Why I do this

Well, if you haven’t noticed, I have not been posting too many actually political stuff for a while.  Mainly cartoons and cut and pasting news stories.  One of the reasons is that I have gotten more into Twitter, and it has made my attention span about that of a gnat.   Also I have been busy with other things not affiliated with politics or online stuff.   But I will try and get back to posting more of my thoughts and philosophy.

Why do this??? Well, i am a news and political junkie and have no kids.   So I have time to post here most every day, and also I got a job with a lot of  downtime, so I can play on the Internet a lot there.  But my main reason is that I want to get the message out that our country is going in the wrong direction.   The Federal Government has gotten way too large and affects our daily lives in ways the Founding Fathers would never dreamed of.   We have a tax system that stifles achievement and rewards those that mooch off of the government teat.   We have a government that is taking over the auto industry, health care industry and the banking industry.   All of which are incompatible with our Founding Document, The Constitution.

We have a political class that have forgotten who the real bosses are in our Democratic Republic.  The people have been left out and elitist in DC have taken over the ear of out politicians.  This is in both parties, not just the Democrats, the Republican Party is in many ways just as bad as the Democrats in ignoring the People.  We need to change this.

How do we do this??? If I knew the answer to that, I would be a billionaire.   Today we have a populous that is too interested in who is going to win the next American Idol, than who is in the White House, or in the Senate and the House.   We also have the politicians cutting out precincts that will ensure that they will be elected without too much opposition.   But we must get the attention of all the American Public, be it Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Constitutional or any of the other minor parties that are out there.

What we need to do!!! We need to vote out all of those that voted for the Stimulus and Bail outs.  Most of them did not even read the bills.  And the latest tragedy in legislation was the Cap and Trade (Cap and Tax) Bill that is getting forcedthru the Senate now.   the House did not even read the bill as they did with the Porkulus Bill.  They could not have read it because it was not even written in its full form until 96 hours after it was voted on.  I do not even know if this is even Constitutional, even if it is, it is a travesty that is being forced onto the Next Generation of Americans.

Obama has already spent up to $13 trillion, and he will not just be able to tax the rich to get the money for all these programs.  And it will only destroy the economy into a Depression with the loss of jobs and capital for businesses to grow.  I know  we need to not let anyone slip thru the cracks, and must help those that are less fortunate, but we are doing it the wrong way.   Local and State governments and local charities are better able to serve those less fortunate than the bureaucracy of the Federal Government.   Money going into the Federal Government will only feed to more Bureaucracy and will not help anyone and will only give more power to the Government.

We need to slay the Beast of the monstrosity we call the Federal Government, and let the Free Market grow.   But we need to have some sort of controls on Capitalism.   Pure Capitalism is not the best way to go.  There needs to be some oversight so the little guy does not get tramples on.  But does that mean that the Government needs to stifle the growth of the Free Market??   No  it does not.  With some oversight and control over the Free Market we can get out of the Recession we are in now, but with more Government control, we will only prolong the recession.   Just look at FDR’s administration, his policies extended The Great Depressions for 10 or so years longer than it needed to be.

We need to get everyone involved and informed of what is going on.    A good way to do that is to have people join groups such as Americans For Prosperity, The Sam Adams Allance, or many of the other groups out there.  I named these 2 because I know them well and have been to some of their meetings.   They are Conservative Organizations with very Libertarian leanings, but do not get me wrong, they are far from Republican Partisan organizations.   Most of them are just as pissed at the Republican Party as I am in their elitism and total break from Conservative Philosophy.

But we need to break the apathy people have about government.  Too many think that they have no voice and can not change what happens in DC.  But many are starting to wake up.  The Tea Parties are just part of that awakening.  The Tea Parties are not affiliated with any party and are all organized by local people.  I saw all different kind of people at them and all are angry at what is happening in DC and government in general.   Most have never attended any kind of protest or political event in their lives, but has seen the Federal Government take over too much.   This all started with Bush and the Democrats taking over the Banks with the Bail outs, and the Porkulus Bill was the last straw.

I just needed to get that off my chest, since I have been incommunicado for a while.   And just to let everyone know I am not stopping the fight to get this country back on track.  I know that this is only beginning.   Just as the first Tea party was just a few that were fed up with England walking all over their Liberty.  But we need to start somewhere.   And I know that this will not reach every one’s ears, and some will scoff or denigrate me for my ideology, but we all have free speech, at least for now, and all want what is best for this country.   As a history major in college, I can see that we are heading in the same directions that we did in the early 20th century that led to the Great Depression, and if we do not learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it.   And it is looking like we are not learning anything.

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