Is Manbearpig Extinct

More and more scientists are coming out and denouncing the IPCC’s stand on Manbearpig.  31,000 scientists nowareon record to go against the theory of Manbearpig.   Along with the last 10 years of cooling and NY City having the coldest summer since 1958, it is kind of hard to take the Manbearpig proponents seriously any more.  And after changing form Global Warming to Climate Change does not help either.  Just keep on moving the goal posts until  the computer models come up with a match, and hope the people forget the 20 or so early mistakes is not science, it is a guessing game to fool people.  All the while,  31,000 scientists have signed the Oregon Petition to counteract the proponents of Manbearpig.

Scientists question climate change consensus

The UN’s view that man-made CO2 is causing warming is under attack, says Peter Glover

Amid anger from its backbenchers, the Labour Government appears set on a course of levying new road tax levels for ‘gas-guzzling cars’. At the same time a group of MPs are urging Gordon Brown to go ahead with a system of personal ‘carbon credits’ – a tax by any other name – as an effective way of forcing CO2 cuts.

But are these controversial new initiatives – and the ambitious EU-imposed carbon targets they are designed to meet – based on a lie?

Like so many other expensive green intiatives mooted here and elsewhere in the West, they are firmly rooted in the single premise that man-made CO2 emissions are scientifically proven to be the root of all climate evil.—The First Post