Father of Slain Soldier speaks

H/T to Snooper

It is always sad to see a soldier leave us, but it is especially sad when it is on our own soil. Andy was slain by a converted Muslim that was on the FBI watch list. And still no statement about it from Obama. He was all in front of the cameras and had a statement when Tiller was gunned down, but not when one of our finest is gunned down in the parking lot in front of a recruiting station. There seems to be some disconnect going on here. And also where is the outrage from the MSM and the Left for a slain soldier, and I am not saying that Tiller should have been murdered or should be looked over, but this was done in cold blood also for political reasons. The assailant had maps for more mayhem and death to military personnel, but the MSM has been very quiet about this. Make no mistake this is part of the War on Terror and was on our own soil. This was not just a random act of violence, it was calculated.

Andy’s father talked to the local news station.