Tiller's Killer

Well, it seems to me everyone on the Left is blaming Tiller’s murder on Conservative Talk Radio or conservatives in General.   The idiot that murdered Tiller is no conservative and should not be anyway equated with the Conservative Movement.  This is a religious zealot, just as Al Queda and bin Ladin’s merry men that cut peoples head off under the guise of defending their religion. Yes, most on the Right are Pro-Life and want to see abortions banned or at least to have less every year.

While watching the news when Obama went to Notre Dame, they had the head of Operation Rescue on and he appalled me at what he was saying. It is the idiots like this that give people that are Pro-Life a bad name and inspire Roeder,or whatever his name is, to commit acts like this, Not Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck.  They are talking about changing peoples minds, not to go out there and commit murder.   People like uber liberal Rev Phelps and his family forment hatred more than Rush, Sean and Glenn pout together.

And make no mistake either that all Pro-Life groups are ultra Conservative or even Liberal in the sense we think.   Many are neither and are more Anarchistic in their views towards government.  You have the religious zealots that think it is their job to force their belief on everyone, and if they can not do it by changing minds,they do it by force.

And I do not consider these groups Christian, because they act as an antithesis to what Christianity tells you how to live. Yes, I am Pro-Life and think abortion is wrong and  should never be done by a doctor, just as assisted suicide is also wrong, it goes against everything a doctor is taught in ethics.  But that is another story.    And it is also destroying out Western Civilizations way of life because we are not having  enough children to sustain our way of life and will be over run by Muslims without war,which is also another story.

This is about a man that thought that he could be God and judge a man on Earth, just as the Islamists think they are doing Allah’s Will.   This is not part of the Christian teaching and not part of what Conservatives want either.

This is a tragedy that should have never happened.  Say what you will about Tiller and what he does, he is a man and should have never been gunned down. I hope that this idiot getsthe book thrown at him and should show an example of how not to getthe Pro-Life viewpoint out there.