Conservative or Libertarian

That is the Question??

I guess it is very hard to actually pinpoint where I lie on the political spectrum.   I think I am a Libertarian Conservative as my friend Snooper has posted about.  As many of us on the Conservative/Libertarian side see the GOP going more and more left every day and getting farther and farther away from the basic principles that had drawn us to the Grand Old Party.   I agree a lot with what Snooper posted, to a certain extent, I am not a really big fan of Ron Paul and his minions.   But there is much the GOP needs to address to get back many of the Libertarian wing of the party.   I do not think that in this day and age, a third party is a viable option, there is too many obstacles put upbut both the RNC and DNC.

So where does that leave us, the ones that tend to be a little more Libertarian and not as much just Republicans, but believe in principles and the Founding Father’s intent.  Make no mistake, both the DNC and RNC have amultitude of power hungry politicians that do not do what is best for the country, and do what they think will get them elected or the next donation.  They are mainly charlatans and none have a firm backbone or stand on principle.   I may not agree with all of Ron Paul’s ideas, but at least he stands by his principles.   Just look at Sen Specter.   In his speech he pretty much said that he changed party just so he would win the next election,  as he did in his early career by the way.

Again where does that leave us???   My brother worked for the IL GOP House many years ago.  And it pretty much made him disgusted with the whole political process.   Just think, “you never really want to see how they make sausage”.  And that is our political system.   Hate it or not.  That is what we have got.   We have too many that do not care and will only read a little here or there about what is going on in DC, and even less on what is going on in the local government.   Too many care about who will won the next American Idol or who gets kicked off of Survivor to carewhat is happening to our country.

What I  think we need is to try and get the Voters to actually give a damn about what happens.  Too many have lost faith in our political system and have just given up and could care less.  Apathy is everywhere,  and all theshenanigans that our trusted leaders do every year does not help.  The thing is how to get people more involved and motivated to look into what is going on around them.  I do not know exactly how to do that.  If anyone has any ideas , leave a comment.

And then we on the right side of the aisle seem to always fight and stab each other in  the backs.  I know that we need to have a big tent in the GOP, but does that mean that we should leave the principles of Limited Government, Strong Defense and more Liberty at the door???  The Libertarians fight with the Neo-Cons, the paleo-cons fight with the Religious Right.   This needs to stop, or we will be left so far behind and be walking the wilderness for a long time to come.    We need to find the things we all agree on and stop fighting about the minutia.   There is not going to be any Political Party or Politician that I am going to agree with %100.  And I doubt that anyone out there will find one that will.  So we need to join together and fight against the real enemy, the Left in this country that wants to drag America into a European Socialist state, which Obama has be doing at a fast pace.