Face it, It's Done.



This is my first diary entry on Red State. Might as well start with a bang

We need to get a hold of reality here. Roberts looked at this as a tax. Granted, nobody in their right frame of mind is going to campaign on raising taxes. However, we live in a “Gimme” culture, which are dominated by both liberals AND conservatives alike. Furthermore, it does not matter who gets elected, they are members of the “Re-Elect me!” Party. That means, if they move one iota in changing things that is popular among vast sums of voters, even if they are a minority, they are a threat to the incumbent members of the “Re-Elect Me!” Party members re-election to Congress. This thing, even if the Senate has 100 clones of Jesse Helms, and the House has 435 clones of Bob Dornan, will never get repealed. Period. Those in Congress likes the perks of power too much.

Face also another fact: The American people are absolutely clueless in what they want. They do not know the difference between “need” and “want”. They want programs, but do not want to pay for them. They want rights, but no responsibility. They want American jobs, yet shop at Wal-Mart to buy cheap garbage from China. They want cheap gas, yet they demand no oil exploration in America and drive Hummers. They scream to protect the environment, but only in their neighborhoods and force us working folks to live like sardines.

In plain and simple English, the culture of the Protestant Work Ethic is gone. It was taken long ago when people thought they were entitled to everything even if they did not work for it, and those in power indulged those indulgences to stay in power.

We have seen the enemy…..it is in the mirror.