Obama Campaign To Prospective Ticket Holders: First Serving, First Served

More anguish for those who think that the Obama campaign’s words aren’t “just words”

There seems to be a suspicious favoritism toward those who volunteer or donate to the Obama campaign when it comes to a “raffle” for tickets to Obama’s planned speech at Invesco Field.

As one Obama fan says in the article:

(The campaign) “mentioned on the news that it wasn’t going to be preferential treatment, that independents, Republicans, blah, blah, blah, were all going to get an equal shot. It sounds to me like preferential treatment was going on.”

Naturally, the Obama campaign denies all this, but:

Fueling suspicions has been the Obama campaign’s repeated refusal to answer questions about the details of determining who would, and would not, get tickets – or even disclose roughly how many were up for grabs. The campaign also would not reveal how many would be set aside for volunteers or donors.

Actually, to my mind, it’s pefectly valid for the Obama campaign to do this; it’s their standard mealy-mouthed refusal to admit that they are playing politics as usual which is so irritating.

As for the Obama-worshippers who profess to be shocked by all this, all I can say is that, hey, Michelle Obama did tell them that Barack Obama would require them to work.

Did the Children of the Revolution really think they would be exempt from the tasks assigned to them by the Master?