Colorado Governor Bill Ritter: 18 Months as a Governor Not Enough To Qualify For Veep

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter (D) was asked on the Mike Rosen Showabout his reluctance to be considered for Obama’s Veep.

The meat of Ritter’s response?

“I’ve been governor for 18 months. It’s been a great experience. But it’s just 18 months…Obama has to think about experience…levels of experience…”

Later a caller to the show pointed out that Obama had been a Senator for a 143 days when he decided to run for President, and made the obvious point:

“Governor, you said 18 months’ experience wasn’t enough experience as governor to be the vice president. Would you want to contrast that with the 143 days experience Obama as senator before he decided he had enough experience to be president.”

The best Ritter could do was:

“All I can tell ya is I am a fan of Barack Obama’s. Met him in 2004 during his campaign for Senate…You meet him and discover there’s something very different about him. That’s all I’ll say.”

So there you have it–eighteen months in an executive position is insufficient to qualify one for the office of Vice-President, but a bit less than five months as a Senator is more than enough to decide that one is qualified for the Presidency.