Bailout???? Naaaaa

This is the copy of the email I sent to the Speaker of the House, I don’t know about you but I am tired of OUR money being spent on pet projects, their friends companies, lobbyists companies etc. If they have the money to bailout the Wall Street bunch then there is enought to NOT TAX us for 5 years…What do you think?

Dear Speaker PelosiI am sure no one will read this and as usual lip service will be the only comment.As a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, a yaxpayer of 50 years I think I have the right to voice my opinion on this bailout plan. No one in government ever sent me money when I over spent, no one ever bailed me out and no one ever raised others taxes when I acted selfish and irresponsible.Don’t blame the President because Congress writes and votes in laws, he just okayed them. Congress, the lobbyists which lines your pockets, the “fatcats” and their golden parachutes did this damage.Congress of both parties are always telling the news reporters that the Budget is over wrought, the government needs money to do earmarks and special interest bills and taxes need to be raised. If so then where in the world is this $750 billion coming from??????????…….If this much money is onhand then give it back to the taxpayers and let us pay off every bill we have, let us buy new homes and vehicles, clothes and trips, pay for college and pay off college loans….Surprise then the economy will flourish.and I am not even an MBA but I figured it out.Please for once don’t play the polictical game, don’t pass the buck back and forth, don’t feed the fatcats, gice the people their money back and then some in Congress may get re-elected.