Do we really want change?

A few issues I have not heard on the news. In defense of George Bush and John McCain, I believe these issues should be heard.

Obama is placing blame on the current administration about a world credit crisis which even Alan Greenspan just testified has been cultivating for thirty years. If the Bush republican administration is to be blamed for this, what about the false positive economy allowed to manifest itself during Clinton’s democratic watch. What about the Nasdaq bubble and the “Irrational Exuberance” stimulated during Clinton’s tenure. The Nasdaq Stock Market plummeted 85% and likely will not recover for decades, if ever. The separation between the wealthy and poor probably widened more during the democratic presidency of Bill Clinton than it ever has in the past. Now, what about the Clinton’s supporting Obama. Just a short time ago the Clinton’s were saying Barack Hussein Obama was a gifted speaker but weak on policy and experience. What has changed?

What about the war on terrorism? I personally have different opinions on how the war intitiated. I do believe however that action was necessary and has been effective to date. The Trade Center first went under attack in 1993 at the beginning of Clinton’s presidency. No effective action was taken. The second attack on America by bin Laden was again while Clinton was at the helm. This would be the suicide bombing of the US Warship Cole. Again, no effective action was taken. The last was a devastating attack that shook world, again on the World Trade Center. This attack occurred during the infancy of President Bush’s Presidency. Directed properly or not, George W. Bush did take action. Unfortunately there have been more terrorist attacks in the world, however they have not been in America. Bush’s primary responsibly was to protect AMERICANS. Accolades for George W. Bush. I never thought I would say that. Now, the important question is; “Do we want more of the same or do we want change?” Evidenced by the poles against McCain, I’m not convinced on how America feels. I absolutely feel that more of the same is the only safe way for America. Listen to McCain and Obama, to remain safe, and work towards a terror free world, we must vote McCain. We can not allow the thousands whom perished be without consequence.

Only my opinions. I completely agree with McCain’s tax plans. These plans are sensible, in that we have to give incentives to big business and small business alike to promote jobs and to stimulate the economy again in our country. America is driven by wealth and business. Imagine the world without philanthropy. There are so many great charitable organizations in the world, from veterans assistance programs to the control of AIDS in Africa. Everyone makes a difference, but can you imagine if the wealthy and big businesses are squeezed. I’m certain that philanthropy will suffer. I’m glad “Operation Shock and Awe has been effective. Even though I initially disagreed with this tactic, it has been effective and now the world is a safer place. Without question, the only person capable of properly finalizing this war on terror is John McCain. Now my opinion on the new skirt in town. I’m surprising myself again because I fully endorse her. She has worked her way up the ranks. She did not have to suffer the way John McCain did, but she did have to struggle to get here. As a very successful Mayor and Governor of a state twice the size of Texas, I feel she has more fiscal responsibility than any of the other candidates, especially Barack Hussein Obama. John McCain has been a die hard American fighting for his country his entire adult life, both during the pain and agony of being a prisoner of war, but also the anguish of challenges met in Washington.