Conyers: "Why read the bill?"

From the diaries by Erick

The official policy of the Democrat Judiciary Committee Chair is NOT to read legislation before voting on it.  Worse, he says even his staff lawyers lack the time to read the proposed legislation – so they can tell him what it says – before he votes on it.

Watch this incredible video clip.

While Conyers (D-Mich) may not be directly involved in the health care debate, surely he has an obligation  to know what is in a bill before he votes.  Has he read any of the supporting material regarding Judge Sotomayor?  Did he read the stimulus legislation?  How about Cap and Trade?  Rather than spending time speaking at the National Press Club, should he not be reading the things on which he is voting?

Granted, I’ve never given much credence to Legislative History – I’ve always doubted whether most members read most bills.  But openly admitting that even the staff lawyers neglect to read the bills . . . well, that is just amazing . . . and I’m rarely amazed at anything anymore.

I agree with Rep. Conyers that it may take at least two days to plow through 1000 pages.  But that would seem to be his job and the job of his staff members.  So start reading already.