What McCain/Palin Should Do

McCAIN: If Harry Reid had allowed me to speak on the floor of the Senate, this is what I would have said. Tax and Spending Bills originate in the House. I voted to send this Bill back to House to be fixed.

As Ronald Reagan said when he saw a pile of crap: there must be a pony in there somewhere. Well, I know the fundamentals of our economy are strong. As Sarah said, we just need government out of the way. There is a pony somewhere in this load of crap the Senate created. There is still a good bill. BUT, the House must strip it of all the Pelosi Pork.

If the Pelose Pork remains, I encourage my Republican colleagues to kill it. We will survive. The market will work. A McCain/Palin Administration will provide sensible regulations to fix this. Plus, we’ll rid our system of senseless regulations.

Three years ago I sponsored a bill to fix Fannie and Freddie. Barrack Obama opposed it. Lay this mess at his feet – where it belongs.

PALIN: As presiding officer of the Senate, I will see to it that everyone has a fair chance to be heard. When Democrats such as Harry Reid try to shut people up – like they tried to quite John McCain, I will see to it that Harry Reid sits down. It is time for grown-ups to run the Senate.

I agree with John, lets get rid of the Pelosi Pork.