White House Defines Libya Mission

Congressional leaders from both parties expressed relief today after a last-minute meeting with the President to discuss Libya.  A source who wished to remain anonymous said that the President had laid out his objectives for the North African country in a clear, concise manner and had answered legislators’ questions.  Lawmakers were particularly heartened to find that they agreed with his explanation of why the operation did not require Congressional approval.  Said the source, “The President made it clear that, since our activities in Libya are classified as humanitarian aid, there is no application of the War Powers Resolution.”

“Thank goodness for that,” said a veteran Republican senator.  Now we can get back to the the peoples’ work: growing a government that more effectively provides for peoples’ needs.” 

In other news, Libyan relief agencies lodged a complaint with NATO after a 2,000 pound laser-guided “humanitarian aid package” fell short of its target.  9 were killed in the resulting explosion.

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