Obama's Human Sacrifice?

Mosab Yousef – Obama’s sacrifice to HAMAS?


The Blogprof (www.blogprof.blogspot.com) highlighted Gateway pundit’s (http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2010/06/obama-administration-holding-secret-meetings-with-hamas-terror-group/) revelation that the Obama administration may be making good on the president’s campaign pledge to meet with HAMAS without any conditions on his part. 


Can it be, though, that HAMAS has imposed conditions of its own on the secret negotiations? 


Mosab Yousef, www.savemosabyousef.wordpress.com  author of Son of Hamas, is a former covert counter terror informer for Israel and is a convert to Christianity from Islam.  This means he is under a double death sentence, should he ever return to his homeland.  He has saved numerous lives through his bravery and clear-thinking, and his reward is to be threatened with deportation from the United States by the Department of Homeland Security.  Up until now, this has made no sense whatsoever.


Now, however, in light of the allegation that the Obama administration has entered secret negotiations with HAMAS, a terrible motive for Yousef’s predicament suggests itself.  Can it be that this administration would use a human being as a bargaining chip with a terrorist organization?  What greater inducement to cooperation by HAMAS in some small concession for a short-term political gain by this administration than to offer up a life that HAMAS desperately wants to snuff out? 


I hope there is a better explanation, but in a fallen world, and in a nation where liberty has lost its meaning, this one makes far too much sense.