Today's Headline, Saudi Gazette

In a huge first page headline today, underneath a photo of Obama that took up the entire first page above and part-way below the fold,the Saudi Gazette shouted, “America Votes to Wake from its Long Nightmare.”

A friend from the Australian Embassy met me for lunch and asked me what I thought about the election, and without waiting for a response, told me that he believed Obama was in a perfect position for aligning America’s interest with those of the rest of the world. I couldn’t help but look at him as if he were insane.

“America’s greatness,” I reminded him, “and for that matter, what remains of England’s and Australia’s greatness” lies not in how closely aligned they are with the rest of the world, but in how greatly they differ from those other countries, where people accept the premise that citizens are born to work for their governments, and that the best men can hope for is a government that allows the majority to take what it wants from the minority.”