The Collapse of a narrative?

If there’s a profession in America that enjoys less respect than “journalist”, I don’t know what it is.  Oh, yeah I do – sorry. “IRS examiner”.

You can read below what the media is saying to an Ohio Tea Party leader.  I say BFD the guy apologized: that’s like the ombudsmen at the various Obama oral service stations saying, yeah, we know we’re biased from page Z119 two weeks after the damage was done on page A1.  Same thing here.  Or, it’s like listening to Hamas in English apologize for a lot of hate rhetoric in Arabic: the damage is done. The apology is meaningless without behavioral changes.

So forget the media.  They’re only covering the IRS now because they know this is the one story they can’t avoid.  I’d like to focus on something else the Tea Party leader said:

“It is a vindication of us for all the things, the horrible terrible things that have been said about us that are equally false: the racist claims, the bigot claims, homophobe, Islamophobe,  all the other trash  that came from the left. And unfortunately, it came from some of you in the media; that is equally not true,” he said.

The above neatly summarizes the left’s behavior over the last several years.  Sure, this kind of Alinskyite crap has been around since the late 1960s but they’ve never gotten around to fully implementing it as a strategy writ large.  In summary, Alinksy said, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”  The tactic first really appeared as a determined effort in 2000. Remember?  Bush was “stupid”, “dumb”, “evil”, “corrupt” and a whole host of other things.  They tried those tactics out on him and to a large extent were successful in derailing his Presidential legacy.

But using vile tactics against 1 guy was just the warmup: the Tea Party was in for the full Alinsky: racist, sexist, homophobic, and downright crazy.  Evil and dangerous to America.  You’ve all heard it; in fact,  trolls come over here and tell you these same things.  Why?  Well, it’s easier to do that than to take any one of us on in a debate on any issue.  Plus, all their fellow hive mind members do it, too.

So you have the 3 driving factors of liberal thought at play in one shot: (1) I need to reassure myself that I’m superior by putting down others (their general insecurity) (2) The rest of the crowd is doing it so it must be cool (mob mentality) and (3) intellectual inferiority (they just don’t have it upstairs to argue successfully).  liberalism as a whole is built on these 3 things.

This strategy worked great on the tea party: Bunch of folks, all riled up and upset.  So you get some media people to ask trap questions, highlight planted freaks in rallies, or just dishonestly edit footage (like the black guy with the rifle in New Hampshire).  All to drive the left wing narrative: These People Aren’t Like You, America.  They’re Dumb.  Racist. Evil.  Backward.  And They Shouldn’t Be Listened To.

All that was great: you could rely on the media to only report that kind of thing and to not do their jobs as neutral observers.  And to help matters along…let’s have the Obama campaign, in the form of the IRS, get out there and harass these groups into submission.  Why not?  After all, No one will believe these paranoid idiots when they say that the government is unfairly targeting them.  After all – they’re paranoid idiots!  And racists.

Well, all that works until the truth comes out, as it has.  Now the Tea Party isn’t so crazy, huh?  We’ll see if the rest of the narrative – racist, stupid, etc. – can be brought down at the same time.  Because now the onus is on the left to actually PROVE that the right is full of racist sexist jerks.  We all know they can’t (see the above 3rd pillar of liberal thought – intellectual inferiority – so we have a window to reverse and collapse the narrative.

The questions remaining then are these:  How long before the media returns to its usual job of fronting the left wing narrative?  How long and how wide can we open this window of truth?

Time will tell.

The article.  If I were that Tea Party guy, I would have told each of those media people either to spend the next decade making it right or go to hell:

“I actually have had several [members] of the media apologize to me today and yesterday,” Tom Zawistowski, former leader of the Ohio Liberty Coalition and current president of We the People Convention, Inc. and head of the Portage County Tea Party, said at a FreedomWorks roundtable event Thursday.

“They said, ‘Tom I want to apologize to you because when this story came out last year it was so over the top I didn’t believe it, and I didn’t believe it and I questioned it and I didn’t really look into it and then when the IRS commissioner came out and testified to Congress and said, ‘There is no targeting of the tea party, I shut it down,’” he said.