What we WON'T Be Hearing Tuesday From the democrats

We’re going to see and hear a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday as the votes against leftism pile up.  We’re going to hear about a racist voter base, Fox News drumming up fear, how stupid the voters are, anxious, fearful, etc.  We’re going to hear how foreign money poured in to the Chamber of Commerce and “if it weren’t for that, we would’ve been just fine”. 

In short, we’re going to hear everything from them except honesty.  No objective criticism of the approach they’ve taken.  No self-analysis of a set of positions that maybe, just maybe went too far.  No thoughtfulness on the wisdom of a strategy where they call the nation’s voters a bunch of morons.  No questioning of a strategy to use a sexual term on the largest grassroots political movement ever.

Nah, none of that stuff.  The voters are voting against The One, so they must be straying from the reservation.

Know what I say?  Good.  Here’s to all the liberals doubling down on the offensive rhetoric.  Here’s to all of them continuing to Not. Get. It.  In every horror movie you can never knock out the monster with the first shot – it always takes some resolve and a number of hammer blows to stop the slasher killer zombie. And it could go either way – the good guys don’t always win.

Well, politically, we’re about to deal a hammer blow to the left on Tuesday.  And we have a chance to end this political horror movie in November of 2012.  The leftists will do their part by contuining to be smug and insult/belittle the rest of us.  Good for them.  Let’s do our part by keeping up the energy and voting the rest of them out in 2012.