The Fallacy of liberal Opposition to ObamaCare

So everywhere I go I see Howard Dean and various members of the nutroots contingent out there bashing ObamunistCare. Their primary objections is that there’s no public option and that this is a big giveaway to the insurance industry. You can see this theme echoed (who would have thought?) amongst the  “intelligentsia”.

Let’s take a second and tear this down. First, let’s all have a good belly laugh at the possibility that they’re being serious: Hahahahahaha! There’s just about zero chance that these people WON’T eventually throw their support behind the bill, and here’s why.

First of all, liberals lie. You can’t spell liberal without L, I, and E and this is just the latest example. When this abomination gets into committee, out will come the Stupak amendment and in will go the public option and out will go the protections against illegals gaming the system. Voila, there you go. That will be the point where they see the light. Even if they only get 1 or none of the 3, they’ll still jump on board.

Why? They’ve shown in the past that principles are…fluid. Remember how getting out of Iraq NOW was their #1 issue? That lasted up until their Messiah got his first real briefing on the logistics of doing so and the results of such an action. All of a sudden, immediately pulling out of Iraq wasn’t so much of a big priority anymore, because Obama isn’t an idiot. The nutroots people aren’t, either. By them I mean the ones who actually write the blogs (the people who read them and swear by them are another matter). They know that if Obama suddenly changed his tune that there must have been something to what Bush was saying all those years. So they quietly dropped the issue and didn’t raise a peep when Obama doubled down on Afghanistan.

They’ll do the same here. They know two things:

  1. 1. If they keep banging the drum against this bill, its popularity will only fall, and that will help the GOP in 2010. A GOP Congress means more of their socialist agenda goes by the wayside. The democrats are nothing if not practical.
  2. They know that the people who read their blogs will ultimately not question their POV, so no matter what they post, ultimately your average lib on the street will follow along. Where else are these people going to go, even if they were inclined to? We’ve seen with the Tea Parties that the conservative on the street isn’t afraid to tell the GOP what to do with itself. I strongly doubt that the average lib on the street has the intestinal fortitude to do the same (Nader is not a good example – they thought Gore would destroy Bush in 2000).

There you have it. I don’t take Howard Dean nor the posts by liberals claiming to be in opposition to ObamunistCare seriously, and neither should you. It’s just another scam they’re running.