Brian Williams, NBC, Blago, and Name That Party!

So I’m nuking some chili before heading to the gym with the TV on.  Mrs. SteveM calls and says to go without her.  Mmmmmm….chili and cornbread.

Anyways, I have the tube on the channel is accidently tuned into NBC Nightly News.  I never watch the prime time news on any of the major 3.  Mostly because I’m either not home or busy at that point in the evening, so today was an exception.

The obligatory Blago is fired section comes on.  My ears perk up, wondering if I’ll here the word “democrat” uttered at any time during the broadcast segment.

Brian Williams leads into the story…nope. It’s “Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich” only.

Cut to the guy at the Illinois state capital in Springfield for his remarks….nope.

We go to the film segment showing some highlights and the story background…nope.

And then to the windy, self-righteous and (knowing Chicago and Illinois politics in general) likely extremely hypocritical (because 9/10 are crooks themselves) statements from IL state senators…nope.

Back to the NBC stooge at the capital, talking in breathless terms about changing the locks on the office of the governor…nope.

And finally back to Brian Williams, who declares the whole sad saga over…nope.

Not a single mention of Blago’s party affiliation in the whole segment.  Were Blago a Republican, the word “Republican” would be repeated at least 90 times by all parties and would be accompanied by a list of other GOP politicians in trouble with the law.  Then you’d get some knowing commentary about or witty remark along the lines of, “Boy, there sure are a lot of Republicans in trouble with the law, hunh, Brian?” While the two share a knowing glance with the audience on camera.

But a dem?  Ha!  You’d never know a democrat ever got sideways with the law with the amount of times the party name is mentioned.

I also found it interesting that the newsies were declaring the “long suffering of the people of Illinois” or some such over.  They think this is over?

Blagoyevich is the I’m Taking Them Down With Me type.  This story ain’t over by a longshot.  I expect the MSM will bury as much as they can, but the juicy bits of Blago telling stories about Illinois politics should keep Fitz’s pens busy for quite some time.  Grab some popcorn.  The fallout from this blast ought to fun to watch.