J.D. Huckster?

Well it seems that even the Wall Street Journal is on to JD Hayworth Huckster with today’s John Fund editorial.

I won’t selectively quote the article, you can read all the details for yourself, but the take aways:

  • JD “Mr. Conservative” Huckster is not so conservative when it comes to spending your money according to his voting record and votes for such wonderful things as the Seasoned Citizen prescription drug wealth transfer law, which Johnny Mac voted against by the way.
  • The company JD was Huckstering for on all that “free ‘Govment money” is going bankrupt.
  • JD Huckster’s voting record on spending issues is anything but conservative.

Can one of the JD Huckster supporters remind me why they support JD, other than the “He’s not Johnny Mac” reason. About all JD need to do now to secure his title as a Huckster is to get an endorsement by that other Huckster from Arkansas.