Fiorina on FOX

I just caught the Carlie Fiorina interview on the FOX talking heads show, interview by Chris Wallace.  To sum up, BABS be afraid, be very afraid.

Wallace quizzed Carlie on her stint at HP, seems like that will be a big issue in the general election.

Carlie’s answer was OK I guess, blame most of the cuts at HP on the tech industry collapse in the early part of the decade, point to the growth in earnings, growth in jobs, etc. etc. at HP during her tenure. Not exactly a populist answer, but probably the reality of running a big company like HP during the tech crash.

Wallace threw the social issues card on the table asking Carlie about her views on abortion, and how she might be out of step with the general electorate. Wallace did not throw the Prop 8 card out funny enough.

Carlie’s answer was in my view spot on. She did not run from her views on abortion, she claims to be be pro-life by the way, says she believes what she believes also believes this election is not about abortion, it’s about jobs, the out of control growth of the federal government and all the Tea Party sort of issues. Carlie makes the point on social issues that I think others on the R. side of the ditch are beginning to make; focus on the issues that people are concerned about, don’t run from their own personal views on these issues but don’t let the Democrats re-frame the debate about the issues where they are on the wrong side according to “we the people” into an argument about social issues.

Oh yea, there was a question about the “hair” comments. Carlie said she screwed up by bringing a silly topic out by her comments and she owed the voters of CA an apology for injecting a silly topic into the conversation….no apology to call me Senator BABS.