"Welcome to JD Hayworth's bizarro world"

I’m not a fan of JD, no seriously I ‘m no kidding I’m not a fan of his, but I am amazed at times at how little JD knows and how little he thinks before opening his gob smacker and letting loose with nonsense.

Phoenix New Times ( a lefty news outlet if it’s anything like the one in LA), has coverage of the latest JD trip through the rabbit hole. I’ll avoid revisiting JD’s take on the history of WWII, too much like shooting fish in a barrel.

“At a campaign stop this week, Hayworth was discussing McCain’s reluctance to co-sponsor a repeal of the law sponsored by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint and said, “Look at what the senator does, not what he says in sound bites for the media. Why hasn’t he signed on as a co-sponsor to Senator Jim DeMint’s bill to repeal ObamaCare? John McCain went to Washington to change it but Washington changed him,” Hayworth said at the event.

Turns out McCain is signed on to DeMin’ts bill and has been since April 20.”

While many here on RS have issues with Johnny Mac, can anyone seriously think that having someone as loose with facts as JD in the Senate would be a good thing? Is this sort of factually challenged, nonsense spouting, individual that the people of AZ want to represent them in the Senate?  YIKES!

Or as a McCain spokesperson put it:

McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers, after hearing Hayworth’s response, sent us an e-mail describing a place that usually only exists in DC comics: “Welcome to JD Hayworth’s bizarro world, where up is down, left is right, and truth doesn’t exist.