New California poll out

A new Times USC poll came out yesterday, nothing really shocking in the poll. Link to the poll in PDF.

From the article:

Key Findings

  • California voters overwhelmingly want a Senator who will work with President Obama to pass his policies, not against him.
  • While some public polls had Steve Poizner pulled within striking distance of Meg Whitman in the Republican primary for governor, Whitman has regained control and holds a wide lead over Poizner heading into the final month.
  • Jerry Brown has taken a slim lead over Meg Whitman in this survey after trailing her in the previous USC/Los Angeles Times poll in March.

In the Senate race, Fiorina is up at 34, Campbell down to 18 percent and DeVore is holding pretty much were he has been at 13 percent. There will probably be some movement as the last undecided jump one way or the other, but the shape of the CA General election is becoming clear.

Not related to the poll, the Sunday morning talking head shows were wall to wall commercials from eMeg and Poizner taking shots at each other. eMeg is being pitched as the “True Fiscal Conservative” while Poizner is being pitched as the get tough on immigration candidate.  Two Millionaires are spending lots of money beating up on each other….Oh my.