NY 23, 2010...what's up with that?

Flashing back to 2009 we had the infamous NY 23 race, and the whole selected not elected Greek tragedy of Dede Scozzafava, who couldn’t even pass as a RINO, running against Doug Hoffman as the Conservative party candidate. The race and the circumstances that led up to this race were fairly well documented and commented on affair here on RS, with a pretty universal agreement that a primary is where the Republican party should select it’s standard bearer.

I’ve sort of been keeping an eye on this race as it was an interesting political story.  Right now it looks like at least in NY 23, there is another storm brewing and Doug Hoffman again is part of that storm.

Syracuse.com has an article up on the race that is rather interesting.

“Washington, DC — Five months after Doug Hoffman exposed a deep divide in the Republican Party by launching a third-party bid for Congress, the odds are suddenly improving for a repeat three-way race in the 23rd Congressional District this fall.

The scenario began to play out last week as the early momentum shifted to Republican investment banker Matt Doheny, of Watertown, as he battles Hoffman for the GOP nomination.”

I know nothing about ether Republican candidate, but the fact that the voters of NY 23 are going to be heard and not the back room overlords of the NY Republican party is a good thing.

Here’s where things go a bit off the rails, at least as far as Doug Hoffman is concerned.

Doheny, emphasizing that he expects to win the Republican endorsement, has pledged to support Hoffman if he should pick up the GOP nomination. But Hoffman has so far declined to make a similar pledge, a move that has privately angered some of the county chairs.

I don’t have any conclusions to this story, or for that matter know who is going to end up facing the Donk who won the seat after NY Republican party fumbled so badly. From an observer of the political process standpoint, this is a fascinating second round for the Republican party in NY 23, and hopefully whoever is nominated will reclaim the seat for the Republican side.