DeVore profile in the LA Times

LA Times, not exactly a bastion of conservative thought, but not the SF Chronicle ether, has a piece up today about Chuck DeVore.

Chuck DeVore faces steep climb for California Senate seat.

There is a left leaning bias in the story, but not terribly so, making the article worth the time to read as a counter to all the noise going on with “demon sheep” this past week.

The article alludes a bit to one of the biggest problems DeVore faces in his run, California is one heck of a big state. The reliance along with cost of paid media to reach all the corners of the state tends to make the eventual winner of the primaries and the general election the candidate who has the deepest pockets to buy all that media. That point has been proven in the last two Senate races in CA and unfortunately Babs will be able to raise lots of money from the Hollywood liberal types and if she really gets behind in the polls, from Liberals across the country to help preserve her Senate seat for the Democrats.