Meanwhile back in NY 23 race for 2010

After last year and the Dee Dee fiasco I wondered what was going to happen in NY 23. The race is shaping up now and it is proving to be one worth watching.

Doug Hoffman is running, no surprise there, but there are a couple of others looking to get in the race.

CQ Politics has an article on New York Assemblyman Will Barclay thinking about getting in the race. Barclay seems to be a decent young Republican Assemblymen, but I know nothing about him.

Another candidate, Franklin County Legislator Paul Maroun is also talking about getting in the race.

There is some controversy already, with Doug Hoffman stating to reporters when asked if he would support whoever wins the Republican primary responded, “That’s not even a consideration”. Full coverage at Newzjunky.com.

With all the talk of Tea Parties, third party movements and the like, NY23 is probably still worth watching to see how the future may play out.  Will the Republican party nominate one standard bearer and a second challenge by Doug Hoffman occur, who knows.