Demon Sheep Creator Speaks

LATimes has an article up profiling Fred Davis, creator of Carly’s demon sheep web commercial.

It’s not much of an article, but what’s interesting is this guy has a track record for creating this sort of web commercial.  Back in 2002, he created an infamous “King Rat” commercial for Sonny Perdue who went on to win the Governor’s race in Georgia. I’m not making the claim that “King Rat” had much to do with Perdue’s win, but I would appreciate someone from Georgia’s comment on the effects of that commercial on the race.

Right now it’s too early to see how or if this commercial changes the dynamics of the Republican primary, but  I do think the term “demon sheep” is going to enter into popular culture, at least for a few months.  I also think that camp Campbell is going to have a problem with voters in CA over his support of the “temporary” increase in the gasoline tax and his very strong support of the NO on Prop 8  vote.