Crotch bomber photos

Over at ABC news there’s new pictures up of the “Crotch Bomber” bomb. I take no credit for the name by the way, I think it was Gizmo came up with that in a posting earlier today.

This is pretty scary stuff, coupled with the news that there may be 25 more young men waiting to try the same sort of thing.  Watching and hoping that His Obamaness understands that these people are not criminals, no they are terrorists who want only one thing, to kill Americans. It’s not complex, it’s simple and all it takes is one of these terrorists to get lucky and the American people will never forget or forgive the timidity of the Obama administration  that would allow terrorist to succeed.

No amount of new TSA Kabuki dances, no amount of posturing for the cameras by Obamaness and no amount of pretending this is anything other than war is acceptable.