Common sense starting to break out?

I realize that CA is the land of “Fruits and Nuts”, but sometimes common sense does tend to break out.  Call me a cynic, but this move is being driven by the coming budget crunch in California, and a realization that housing criminal illegal aliens is a really stupid way to spend money when there’s not a lot to go around.

From the uber Liberal LA Times.

“3 California counties will check immigration status as inmates enter jail”

“Los Angeles, Ventura and San Diego will become the first counties in California to begin checking the immigration status of all inmates booked into jail as part of a national effort to identify and deport more illegal immigrants with criminal records.”

What’s really bad here however is that this is a program being started by local authorities, there is no state Law that mandates these sorts of check, as a poltical issue, Republicans in the CA Assembly ought to be all over this issue and running, not walking to get on the foor of the Assembly to introduce legislation that mandates these sorts of non descriminatory checks in every jail house in the state.