Do as we say...or else

If there was any question at all that Obama and the Democrats in power now were bought and paid for by Union dollars, today’s news from California out to clear that up.

The Obama administration threatens to rescind billions in stimulus money if Gov. Schwarzenegger and lawmakers do not restore wage cuts to unionized home healthcare workers.  LA Times

I have no sympathy for the Girlyman Governator, he’s getting what he deserves, and I do hope the Republican minority in the CA Assembly sticks to it’s newly found principles and just says no by refusing to vote in favor of restoring these cuts (takes a 3/4 vote to pass a budget change).

With Prop 1A (Sales Tax increase) set to go down in defeat, and the economy not on the mend out here in CA, some real choices are going to confront the Assembly when it comes to taxation and spending in the Golden State. It remains to be seen what the Republican minority is going to offer up in the way of cuts to balance the state budget, and with the Democratic majority clearly beholding to the SEU, CTA, state employees and others depending on the largess of the California tax payer along with Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress paying back Union supporters with this sort of threat, it’s going to be a bloody battle.

Look for a long hot summer in Sacramento while the battle of the CA budget is waged.