Stupid is as Stupid does

Why are people fed up with Republicans, ask Senator Mike Enzi R Wyoming why he’s set to co-sponsor this piece of garbage.

Report: Congress Set to End Tax-Free Online Shopping

From Fox news

For the past decade and a half, most Internet shoppers haven’t been forced to pay sales tax while buying goods online.

But now, according to CNet News, an alliance of “brick-and-mortar” retailers and state governments has teamed up to end that — and they’ve crafted federal legislation that may be introduced in Congress as early as next week.

While I expect Democrats to do this sort of thing, a Republican Senator working to raise taxes, what in the Wide Wide World of Sports is this fool smoking?  Does the Senator from Wyoming in that bad of need for campaign contributions from the merchant groups trying to kill internet sales, or is this something else all together?

What sort of conservative value is it to raise taxes on ordinary people?

Maybe Senator Enzi was out of town on a junket last week when all the Tea Parties were going on, must have been because he sure as heck did not get the point that people think we are paying too much in taxes now without this sort of stupidity.

In short, Stupid is as Stupid Does and this move of a Republican Senator cosponsoring a bill to tax internet sales is STUPID.