Michael Steele on Fox News Sunday

I just caught the last ¾ of Michael Steele’s appearance on FOX News Sunday and there is only one word to express my reaction “GREAT”.

While I’m not going to do a full in-depth review, my takeaways were:

#1 This guy can think on his feet.

When Chris Wallace tried to push Steele into a corner over the real differences in the R brand over real divides on social issues, Steele did not get tripped up. His 80/20 agreement explanation was great.

#2 Steele invoking the 80/20 rule.

Steele is brilliant when he asserts that the Republican brand needs to start working together on the 80 percent of the issues conservatives agree on, fiscal, defense, law and order, education while not abandoning recognition that there are 20 percent of issues that the party disagrees on, mostly in social issues. Steele made no apology for his Catholic faith and what it teaches him about abortion, and that’s a pretty darn good answer. I also like Steel’s answer on Gay marriage, and his rejection of Federal laws asserting that states can take care of the issue, a 10th Amendment Federalist point of view that I like.

#3 Did I mention that Mr. Steele can think on his feet and put forward a positive presence on TV, one that has been missing for 8 years?

What does everyone else think?