McCain running against anger

Recently John McCain has been coming face to face with “Angry” Americans; I’m one of them by the way. What does this anger mean and how is McCain dealing with the anger? Badly in my estimation.

First up, why are people angry? I’m personally angry because I play by the rules, I have a job, I don’t take on a lot of debt, I live in a house I can afford, I save money in my 401K and am getting hosed right now. My 401K is down about 50 percent right now, and that is going to hurt, or at least push back when I can retire. I think that the rest of the American middle class who are pretty much in the same boat as me are also angry because of the economic mess this country is in and we want someone to blame.

For sure I blame Democrats like Barney Frank and Maxine Waters for their well documented role in this mess, but there’s much more blame to go around. I blame the fools that had decent paying jobs, but not super paying jobs who went out and bought houses that they could not afford and the system that let them do so.

That brings me to the other bucket of blame, the bucket of blame I offer up to President Bush and his executive team that stood by silently while this economic crisis grew and grew. There’s probably some blame left in that bucket for Republican Senators and Congresscritters who did nothing while this problem developed. Where were they, why were they silent while this stuff happened? The only Senator who spoke out against the excesses of Freddie and Fanny was John McCain by the way.

But back to John McCain and his run for the Presidency against “The One”. Both have essentially the same position on the economic bailout, with “The One” throwing more blame for the mess on the policies of the President.

I see no policies put forth by McCain on how to prevent this problem from happening in the future, I see no honest assignment of blame, starting with the current President and his team for their role in not minding the store so to speak. I see no bold moves by McCain, like announcing an appointment of prosecution Czar by the name of Rudy Giuliani to go after both the banks, the lenders and yes the people who engaged in mortgage fraud. I’m not even getting a Clintoish “I feel your pain” coming from Senator McCain. I get a lot of “my friends” and lame speeches by President Bush.

As a rant, yes I am angry, and so are the rest of ordinary Americans who played fair, did what they were supposed to do and are now getting hosed. As a rant, this is not an appeal to vote for anyone other than McCain, I don’t believe in putting the Fox in charge of the hen house by voting for “The One”, but John McCain has to address this anger with something more than he has to date if he wants to win this election. If that something is putting the President under the bus for his role in this economic mess, so be it.