About the Dress Rehearsal next week

With the announcement of Joe Biden as VP on the Donk side, are we going to see somewhat of a dress rehearsal next week when it comes to Republican Spin misters on the talking heads shows at the Donk convention? Maybe not exactly dress rehearsals, but maybe Pre-Season lineup tryouts.

I’d guess that we see the usual group of Republicans interviewed, but I also think there will be a bit of pre-season thing going on. I’d watch carefully on who is trotted out from the R side of the ditch and how they do to get an idea of how and what John McCain is thinking about on the VP front.

I’m sure we’ll see Mike Huckabee, probably Fred, probably Mitt, and a few of the rising stars like Bobby Jendal. By the way, I’d love Bobby to comment that none of his people own, work, or hang out at ether a Dunkin Doughnuts, or a 7-11, even in passing.

My long winded Bidenish point; keep tabs of who gets the most TV face time, and how they do on the talking heads shows. Next week at the Donk convention is sort of a dress rehearsal for the McCain VP and a bit of a Pre-Game. I’m sure the eventual McCain VP will get some face time, and it will be interesting to see how they do.