Poor poor Hillary, done in again by the "boys"

Not to sound like I really care about Hillary, but I actually think that Hillary and her supporters should be livid over yet another Democratic male leader giving her the business.

Consider for a second:

John Edwards, who had this ticking time bomb of a scandal in his closet, came in second in Iowa to Obama, and stayed in the race. If Edwards was not just another member of the Democratic boys club, and had done the honorable thing, he would have dropped out when he informed his wife of his infidelity. What would Edwards dropping out ether before Iowa, or right after had done to the Hillary/Nobama race? But we all know Edwards and for that matter few Democrats really care about anything, other than themselves so that’s a bit of joke comment.

I’ve also been wondering about the famous Watergate question that no one will ask Nobama, “What did you know and when did you know it”. Seems to me like Nobama might have had the dirt on Edwards, but used that dirt to keep Edwards in the race, at least long enough to knock old Hillary out of the race.

So Hillary got done over by Bill with ‘Affair de Monica , and looks like she got done by Edwards affair. I’d say old Hillary has every right to be be mad as heck and her supports should be too! It’s really such a shame that Democrats really think so poorly about women that none of the current Nobama worshiping party members or the MSM will talk about what Edwards affair did to Hillary.

It’s just too darn bad that those dedicated Hillary supporters just can’t be informed of what their party, or rather the men of their party have done to the women of the Democratic party. Why those Hillary supporters should be so mad that they go ahead and express their anger on the floor of the Democratic convention by putting good old Hillary’s name up for the President spot and stage some protests until they get some respect.

Poor Hillary!