Jesse Ventura gets it right: let's make our cities safe again

This is my first diary so I wanted to say hi to everyone! Please let me know if there’s something wrong with the formatting!

I was watching The View the other day (I know, I know), and Jesse Ventura was on. At first, I figured he was just going to give the same liberal apologia we’ve been hearing for what seems like an eternity now… about how waterboarding is torture (despite the fact that Ventura went through it as part of military training), and we need to prosecute the people that authorized it (despite their having kept us safe since 9/11), and we need to release any and all military detainees (preferably into the US – ugh).

And he did.

However, he also made another point – and although he made this point under what I assume were liberal pretensions, it’s actually something that I’ve long advocated to friends and neighbors, and something I think could do enormous good for our great American cities.

Here’s what he said:

“If waterboarding is OK, why don’t we let our police do it to suspects so they can learn what they know? If waterboarding is OK, why didn’t we waterboard McVeigh and Nichols, the Oklahoma City bombers, to find out if there were more people involved? … We only seem to waterboard Muslims… Have we waterboarded anyone else? Name me someone else who has been waterboarded.”

Jesse Ventura is right – we should waterboard criminals. We should give our police departments every tool available to make safe our streets. And because waterboarding is decidedly NOT torture, and has proven to be enormously effective in obtaining crucial military intelligence, I see no reason that we should not be using it at home to break the domestic terrorists (ie, criminals) that are systematically dismantling our communities and neighborhoods.

Where I live, honest, hard-working families are literally held hostage in their homes. You can’t walk down the street alone at ANY time of the day, nevermind going to the store at 2AM for a pint of milk. Walking to my train in the morning, you can’t look up for fear you might catch someone’s eye and be laid out. I go to sleep to a symphony of revving engines, gunshots and the screams of adolescent psychopaths.

Thank God I don’t have kids.

If our police could address these conditions with the same efficiency and effectiveness that our armed forces address them in Baghdad, then I think I could imagine my neighborhood returning to the kind of peaceful lawfulness that we’re seeing take root throughout the Middle East. Instead, our cops are handcuffed – they can just give these guys a pat on the back and a free meal, then send them back onto the street to cause more havoc.

If we allowed enhanced interrogation techniques in the fight against street crime, that could change. Picture it:

That crack dealer on the corner who won’t give up his supplier? Waterboard him, then we’ll see how hides behind that smug smile.

That sick pedophile who kidnaps kids from the schoolyard to “have his way with them”? Smash his head into the goddamn wall, then we’ll see how long he protects the bosses in his child porn slavery ring.

That gang of burglars, rampaging through any apartment with its lights out? Let’s see them do that again after spending a week chained upside down against bed, in freezing cold temperatures.

Right now, our cities resemble battlefields. Let’s start treating them that way. Thank you, Jesse, for your clarity of vision.