While Lowenthal and DeLong Bicker about how to Woo Democrats, Foley Continues to be Best Choice for #CA47

Yesterday, we read at the the Orange County Register, how State Senator Alan Lowenthal is accusing Long Beach city councilman Gary DeLong of hiding mail-ballot applications submitted by Democrats and all we could say was… really?

There’s funny business brewing in the race for the newly configured 47th Congressional District, which extends from Long Beach to Little Saigon.

A Republican candidate who’s courting Democratic voters has been accused of hiding mail-ballot applications submitted by some of those Democrats. But the evidence is thin and circumstantial, giving the accused candidate, Gary DeLong, leverage in his argument that his opponent is making the whole thing up.

It’s a typically tawdry tale of campaign hanky panky, but the details are unlike any I’ve come across in nearly three decades of covering elections. Including the twist that the accused ended up encouraging me to write about the incident more energetically than the accuser.

On Monday, I received an email from Mike Shimpock, the consultant for the congressional campaign of state Sen. Alan Lowenthal, D-Long Beach. It claimed that one of the leading Republican candidates, Long Beach Councilman DeLong, solicited vote-by-mail applications from Democrats but didn’t turn them in to the Registrar of Voters within 72 hours, as required by law.

Really, at this critical time for our nation with record high deficits, outrageous spending, and a US debt at $15.7 Trillion and rising… this is what’s passing for news and what these two so-called front runner candidates are focused on in the race to represent the new 47th district in California?

Instead of inventing clever new ways to garner Democrats votes or waste time crying foul about imagined campaign infractions Steve Foley is talking about the issues that matter most to Americans and providing detailed Bold Solutions:

As a trusted conservative, Steve’s focus in Congress will be to stop the liberal agenda, restore constitutional principles, and get America working again!

2nd Amendment Rights

    • BOLD SOLUTION: Restore Authority over Firearms Policy to the States


    • BOLD SOLUTION A: Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment
    • BOLD SOLUTION B: Cut Spending Immediately and Significantly
    • BOLD SOLUTION C: Replace Our Antiquated Tax Code
    • BOLD SOLUTION D: Roll Back Burdensome Regulations
    • BOLD SOLUTION E: Advance Energy Independence
    • BOLD SOLUTION F: Audit the Federal Reserve


    • BOLD SOLUTION A: De-Fund the U.S. Department of Education
    • BOLD SOLUTION B: Restore Educational Decision-Making to the States


    • BOLD SOLUTION A: Get Government out of the Way
    • BOLD SOLUTION B: End Energy Subsidies and Let the Free Market Work
    • BOLD SOLUTION C: Restore Federal Lands to the States

Health Care Reform

    • BOLD SOLUTION A: Repeal Obamacare
    • BOLD SOLUTION B: Roll Back Other Regulatory Health Care Mandates


    • BOLD SOLUTION A: Fully Secure Our Nation’s Borders
    • BOLD SOLUTION B: Enforce Existing Federal Immigration Laws
    • BOLD SOLUTION C: Eliminate Incentives for Illegal Aliens
    • BOLD SOLUTION D: Reform the Legal Immigration Process


    • BOLD SOLUTION A: Strip away Overregulation of Business and Industry
    • BOLD SOLUTION B: Reform the Federal Tax Code and Corporate Tax Rates
    • BOLD SOLUTION C: Debt Reduction
    • BOLD SOLUTION D: Revamp Energy Policy
    • BOLD SOLUTION E: Reform Patent Law and the FDA Approval Process

National Security

    • BOLD SOLUTION A: Build a Tech-Savvy Fence and Properly Man Our Border
    • BOLD SOLUTION B: Honestly Assess Foreign Relationships and Act Accordingly
    • BOLD SOLUTION C: Safeguard American Sovereignty
    • BOLD SOLUTION D: Move America Toward Greater Energy Independence
    • BOLD SOLUTION E: Reassert Constitutional Principles and Procedure over Deployment of Our Military
    • BOLD SOLUTION F: Roll Back Federal Measures that Threaten American Citizens

Social Security and Entitlement Reform

    • BOLD SOLUTION A: Adopt the Paul-Lee-Graham Social Security Reform Plan
    • BOLD SOLUTION B: Abolish Medicaid
    • BOLD SOLUTION C: Replace or Abolish Medicare

Tax Policy

    • BOLD SOLUTION: Embrace the 9-9-9 Plan


California District 47 Deserves Better!!!

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