It Matters Who Governs

It Matters Who Governs


Four little words. But they are filled with both history and potential.

It matters that Carter was elected in 1976. It matters even more that Reagan was elected in 1980. It matters that Al Gore lost in 2000. It matters that Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and Allen West went to Washington in 2010. The same significance present in the last 35 years applies in 2012 and beyond. It matters who governs. It always has. It always will.

What changes from election cycle to election cycle is the possibility and the opportunity to change who governs. So many things influence who runs for office which, obviously, impacts who is elected. Things like issues, retirements, scandals and switching parties routinely change the make-up of every level of government from dog catcher to President of the United States. The least frequent, and yet potentially most extensive opportunity for changing the make-up of government comes only once a decade with the constitutionally mandated census of the entire American people and the redistricting which follows.

The redistricting prize is the newly created open seat. Such a prize exists in Southern California. The new district is CA-47. There is a primary for the seat with several candidates running. Which brings us back to our original thought, it matters who governs.

Three candidates represent very different options and real choice. All have an R after their name. But the policy, principle and platform behind that R is quite different.

First up is Steve Kuykendall. He seems the epitome of “career politician.” He was a City Councilman from 1991-1994, State Assemblyman from 1994-1998 and Congressman from 1998-2000. Kuykendall has the distinction of being the only member of that Freshman class to not be re-elected in 2000. Since then, his commitment to Public Service seems a little thin. There is no service, activism or work on behalf of the people of California or the US to be easily found for the last 12 years. Not until this year’s open seat and a shot at returning to power. His website doesn’t list a single position. Not one. There is an extensive list of endorsements. The highlight of that list is the endorsement of John McCain. Which ought to tell you all you need to know about Steve Kuykendall. It should also remind you that it matters who governs.

Then there is Gary DeLong. He’s a second term Long Beach City Councilman. Prior to that he was a businessman for 20 years. His policy positions on key issues can be seen as an object lesson for electing someone whose biggest claim to being qualified for office is that he was a good businessman. DeLong, despite trying to depict himself as a Conservative and despite an entire page on his site dedicated to “Priorities,” seems to personify the term “boiler plate.” It’s when he talks about his positions publicly that a different story emerges. The OC Register notes there are parts of ObamaCare that DeLong would keep, that he believes government bailouts for businesses aren’t all bad and that illegal aliens should be issued driver’s licenses. This is the California GOP’s endorsed candidate. How is a vote for this man a vote to change the political environment in DC? If there is any truth to the notion that it matters who governs, Republicans should flee the good ship DeLong for a more sound vessel.

Finally there is Steve Foley. He’s nothing like the first two guys. He’s never held office himself. But he’s worked hard to make sure people across the nation have solid Conservative representation by working on the campaigns of Doug Hoffman in NY-23 in 2009, Charles Djou in HI-01 and Dan Benishek in MI-01 in 2010. Those nationally prominent races helped define issues for campaigns well beyond their specific districts and Steve Foley was there, championing ideas like life, free markets, limited government, lower taxes, spending cuts, energy independence and the rest of the issues which make up the backbone of Conservative governance.

As a former Marine, Steve knows the value and power of a strong commitment to the 2nd amendment, secure borders and national defense.

He’s not just a campaign machine, however. He’s worked for over a decade to make sure that everyday Americans have a voice – everyday – to go with their vote every two years. His work with The Minority Report Blog, 73Wire.com, Liberty.com, Liberty First PAC and the Patriot Caucus means that thousands of activists, candidates and ordinary Americans around the nation have learned how to engage their government in a practical and effective manner. Steve has trained and equipped citizens to engage their government while the others were busy asking citizens to enshrine them in government.

Others may call themselves public servants. Only Steve Foley can point to a record of real service. In 2012 he’s wanting to move to the next level and bring his record of reforming what’s wrong with Washington from the outside to the inside. He has the experience and the tools to do the job. He has the track record of doing it when given the opportunity. Kuykendall and DeLong like to say they’ll do it. Only Foley has the experience, commitment to Conservatism and strength of character to actually do it.

It matters who governs.

For more info on Steve Foley for Congress or to donate please visit www.SteveFoley2012.com