Reid's Puppet At It Again: Shelley Berkley feels more like Shelley Jerkley

LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 14:  U.S. Rep. Shelley...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

I received this in the mail today from a concerned citizen of NV… thought you all might like it as much as I did:

As a citizen of NV, I’m outraged, in the era of Obama, or so we were told, that she is launching such over-heated partisan attacks against rival Dean Heller over China. She even went so far as to call him “shameful.”

News flash Shelley: stop trying to act “astounded” as a way to deflect from your own scandal, which truly is astounding and shameful.
China is a debatable issue, with your own President not backing you or your party on it, nor did several Democrat Senators who voted against it as well. Are you equally astounded and scornful of them?

You and your husband benefited, extensively from our tax dollars to his kidney center. That is sickening and someone should get me a doctor!

We are hurting in NV and all you seem to do is attack Dean Heller, why don’t you attack your President over his NOT backing your position or your boss, Reid for his turning his back on the nation’s highest unemployment as he lives in the Ritz Carlton in DC.

Everyone sees through your being a hypocrite but at least fight for issues that matter: unemployment, not your tax & spend insane policies or lining your family’s coffers, with my family’s and other hard working American family’s tax payer dollars.

I was devastated to learn how your inside favors and influence peddling benefited, of all coincidence, your husband and for once I applaud the NY Times for bringing it to light.