Why Dean Heller's Nevada Senate Race is So Important

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 09:   Sen. Dean Heller (R...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Nevada has become a critical swing state in the delicate balance of the national political tug-of-war between Republicans and Democrats. Dean Heller must win the Nevada U.S. Senate seat in 2012 for several important reasons.

First is the goal of Firing Harry Reid from his perch as Senate Majority Leader. We fired Nancy Pelosi from her position as Speaker of the House during the last election cycle and we must do the same for Harry Reid in 2012. A great perspective is that a vote for Senator Dean Heller is a vote to fire Harry Reid. This mantra cannot be restated too many times. Dean Heller is a proven fiscal conservative who’s conservative voting record has been impeccable as a U.S. Congressman from Nevada District 2 and as a U.S. Senator.


We must not allow Heller to be replaced by a proven Liberal/Progressive like Shelley Berkeley who has all but officially announced her bid to unseat him.


The damage done to Nevada and the nation by Dean Heller not winning the Nevada U.S. Senate seat would be enormous as would Harry Reid remaining as Senate Majority Leader with a majority of Democrats in the U.S. Senate. Under Harry Reid leadership, or lack thereof, as the senior senator from Nevada, The Silver State has lost much of its luster under Harry Reid’s tenure. Nevada suffers from the nations highest unemployment rate which is presently at 12.9%. The housing mortgage crisis has hit Nevada hardest in the nation based on the number of foreclosed homes. Harry Reid has used his position to become wealthy because his contacts and influence have allowed him to manipulate property zoning and to change endangered species protective areas to make himself millions in personal profit while regular Nevadans suffer. To allow Harry Reid to remain as the Senate Majority Leader where he is able to control the agenda and squelch any useful job creating legislation would be horrendous. Nevada was a “Red State” before but went to President Obama in 2008 by a narrow margin.


We must take the Senate majority away from the Democrats and one of the most important places to signal that change is to turn Nevada “red” again!


Second, if God forbid, Obama is reelected in 2012, we must have a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate to prevent the President from even more encroachments by the Federal Government into our economy and daily lives. Nevada along with a few other states with critical U.S. Senate races like Wisconsin and Florida are the key terrain which must be held for Republican candidates or taken from Democratic candidates. The damage being done to our economy and to middle class Americans has to stop and the 2012 elections will define whether the Federal Government tells Americans what to do or if Americans tell their government what to do. Those are the stakes on the important battles that are already starting to take place to “Fire Harry Reid” in Nevada and the other key states of Wisconsin and Florida.