Live From Hawaii: Charles Djou Candate Forum

The event, which will be held at the studios of KHVH 830 AM, will be streamed live and yours truly, along with Eric Odom, Richard Disney, and Don Schweitzer will be on hand live tweeting and sending video updates.

We’re also doing a money bomb this weekend centered around today’s event, please consider a donation,you can learn more about our money bomb here.

Richard Disney, a former candidate for Assembly in Nevada, a tea party activists and a volunteer for TaxayTeaParty.com, captured a video in Hawaii about our efforts. Watch it here!

A message from Eric Odom:

Mayday, Mayday… calling all tea party activists!

Fellow Patriots,

Today is a very big day for TaxDayTeaParty.com. If you’ve followed our recent updates, you know full well that we’re one of the few (and only national group that we know of) tea party groups who have worked tirelessly to help Charles Djou pull off a Historic win in the Hawaii special election for Congress (District 1).

Please read this next paragraph and pay very close attention to what’s at stake.

Hawaii District 1 is a heavily Democrat district. It’s Obama’s hometown of Honolulu, and progressive special interests have controlled the congressional seat for 40 years. Our pick for the seat, conservative Republican Charles Djou, is tied in the polls and could very well pull off a huge win on May 22nd.

Think about this for a minute. We as a movement have an opportunity to heavily influence the outcome of this special election in Hawaii, and unlike the special election in Boston with Scott Brown, Charles Djou really is a conservative.

TaxDayTeaParty.com has proudly endorsed Charles Djou. We’re spending thousands of dollars for radio ads, we’ve become a major sponsor in today’s live debate (Hosted by KHVH 830 AM), we’ve written a $2,000 check for the Djou campaign, and we want to make the check $5,000.

As our final fundraising push for Charles Djou, we’re hosting a weekend “Hawaii Money Bomb” that begins right now and runs through Monday night.

We the people of the tea party movement must stand up now and push back against the tactics of the left. It’s our time to begin taking charge of the electoral process.

Please join TaxDayTeaParty.com in helping Charles Djou win his bid for Congress.

Please click here to contribute $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or anything you can afford. You can click here to contribute directly through a standard credit card form. You can click here to contribute directly through Paypal.

For Liberty,
-Eric Odom