Obama's Union Thugs Use New Ad to Go After Palin Supporters

Even after Sarah Palin, as a private citizen, had won the battle against “The Death Panels” by having the language stricken from the Senate version of the bill, in one weeks time… Far-left union-backed group Americans United For Change are targeting Sarah’s fans on Facebook with an Ad calling her a lair.

Starting today thousands of Palin fans will be treated to this ad while on Facebook

The ad takes you to to this page on the Americans United For Change website asking you to send Sarah Palin a letter telling her to stop lying…

Dear Sarah,

Americans Need Real Health Insurance Reform. Please stop lying about “Death Panels.”

They then go on to show three links that reportedly debunk the claims  made about these panels. Problem is, the language is in both bills and although you won’t find the phrase “Death Panels” (liberals would never be that blatant in a bill) these panels remain part of the House bill that passed and was removed from the Senate version as a direct result of Sarah Palin calling them on it!

This latest attempt by Americans United For Change is a silly last ditch effort to try and regain some sort of advance after having been clobbered by a former politician they despise and the American people who obviously don’t hold any value to the group if they aren’t towing their socialistic propaganda line.

My feeling is that this ad will be about as successful as their previous failed attempt:

THE REAL DEATH PANELS: Insurance Companies That Deny Care