DNC Looks To Use "Harry and Louise" Ads To Push ObamaCare™

The Administration, recalling how effective the “Harry and Louise” ads were in defeating Clinton’s Health Care Reform, looks like it has decided to use the same tactic in reverse to push through ObamaCare™ hoping to play on the public’s heartstrings.

For those who don’t remember here’s the original “Harry and Louise” ad (the video is not in the greatest shape but it’s the best I could find)

Harry and Louise on Clinton’s health plan

In an email received by Greg Sargent from Mitch Stewart, Executive Director of Organizing for America, Stewart outlines a the new political operation of using these type of ads and employing his organization’s massive online data bank which includes thousands of health care horror stories designed to elicit public support for this disastrous legislation.

Did you see Vice President Biden’s email last week, sharing personal health care stories from supporters across the country? Well, the stories have been read millions of times, and the reaction is an overwhelming, “Wow — we’ve got to get to work.”

It’s not surprising — these stories show the human face of the health care debate and inspire us all to act.

So here’s our latest idea: Putting our supporters in coast-to-coast television and online ads, telling their own stories, in their own voice. It could be a breakthrough moment in this debate, when millions of Americans realize how urgent reform really is.

But recording and nationally broadcasting these stories won’t be cheap. We can only go forward if you’re ready to chip in. So what do you say — should we do it?

Yes. I think this is a great idea, and I’m ready to contribute so it can happen.

No, I’m not ready to contribute to this plan.


Many experts believe health care reform was defeated in the early 90’s by the infamous “Harry and Louise” ads. They featured actors sitting around a fake kitchen table, pretending to be a family that was frightened by reform.

So just imagine if this time around, the debate is shaped by real people, looking us in the eye, telling their actual story, and asking for our help to fix this broken system.

Phony stories helped defeat health care reform in the past. But this time, real stories could be the reason we win.

Click the image to see the organizations efforts, Sargent reports:

The story bank is an effort to harness the power of personal anecdote to make the case for reform. Officials with OFA, which is headed by operative Mitch Stewart, say they’ve banked in the database hundreds of thousands of personal and first-hand stories detailing people’s experiences of the health care crisis.

These stories, which OFA had been collecting on its Web site but had not released, will be disseminated to the massive OFA email list, in hopes that campaign-style organizers around the country will use powerful first-hand anecdotes to argue the case for reform — and to push back on opponents’ talking points. There will also be a tool that allow users to flag particular stories as deserving of more attention.

In 2008, as the presidential campaign was in full swing, “Harry and Louise” returned to the airwaves but this time they were singing a different tune…

Although not as effective this time around, the ad obviously had some insiders sitting up and taking notice. It appears that this tactic, if funded, will be used and used relentlessly which is why we need to do the same in countering this line of attack – using real people and real stories from around the world that show the devastating costs of government-run Health Care and though we all agree something needs to be done… it’s neither an emergency that needs to be fixed yesterday, with poor decision making, nor does the ObamaCare™ actually have any real chance of curing the problem!